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We bring absolute clarity on how organisations can maximise the contribution that IT will make to the delivery of businesses growth.

We are team of professionals with many years of successful blue chip consultancy heritage.  All of us have chosen to take a more independent and personal ownership of the way we ‘add value‘ to clients.

We have adopted a lean and agile approach to delivery working seamlessly with your team without any unnecessary overhead.

We have a 100% track record in delivering valuable outcomes for our clients. We are so confident that we will add value that, for example, if a board submission we helped to shape is unsuccessful, we will waive our fee.


Specialist manufacturing companies know that the impact that IT has on growth is significant.  Focusing on the capabilities needed to compete and win by ensuring that IT equips the business with appropriate tools is key.

We focus on the ‘specifics’ of what makes the company unique; we ensure that there is an absolute clarity of where and how IT drives value.

Increasingly, IT provides innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry that companies need to assess and implement rapidly to maintain competitive advantage.

Our lean approach allows clients to work with us flexibly and efficiently; there is no management overhead between your team and us.

We have expertise in a range of sectors with a wealth of experience helping client teams to deliver for the business.


The Brewing industry relies on the effectiveness of IT in supporting its complex supply and distribution ecosystem.   Larger brewers have traditionally focused on supply chain optimisation providing the business with the information it needs to compete, opitimise and win.  The recent emergence of smaller craft breweries with localised networks and markets presents an equally challenging IT opportunity.

No matter which end of the spectrum, there is a need to focus on the ‘specifics ‘ ensuring that there is an absolute clarity of where and how IT drives value.

Emerging disruptive IT technologies are increasing the need for clarity on where a business is most likely to find growth opportunities.  Being able to make good decisions on the relevance of IT rapidly is a critical differentiator in the modern business world.

We have successfully provided assistance to a number of Brewers facing complex post merger integration challenges.


The Nuclear industry is a highly regulated and information reliant industry with obvious focus on data security.  Sharing information safely and leveraging learning is crucial to maximising the contribution that IT can bring to growth in this complex environment.

Specific challenges facing the nuclear industry include:

  • Rapidly changing markets with new entrants poised to increase competition and Government policy challenging market demand,
  • Long range investment horizons (sophisticated modelling)
  • Highly regulated data management / security needs,
  • Cautious adoption of innovative solutions (as a result of all the above)

We bring structured practical approaches to strategic planning, focusing on prioritisation which has a clear link to the businesses strategy.

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Zurich 705 x 350
Rolls Royce 705 x 350
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ETF 705 x 350
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AZ 705 x 350

Recent Case Studies

Read about how avadvisors have added value to our clients.  Please feel free to take a look at our case studies.

avadvisors delivered a first rate outcome, they worked seamlessly with my team making an impact from day one.  They are a great asset to have on your team guiding us to the ‘end game’ without any major disagreements and even some laughs.

Head of TransformationEducation & Training Foundation

I decided to use them on the basis of my previous experience with some of the team and their decision to take their own path has benefited us.  They are the same professionals however I can see the difference in their engagement. They challenge us far more and offer us their personal opinions on choices.  

CIONuclear Enrichment Company

…the board case was exactly what we needed to get them onboard.  It was a very professional pack which you guys clearly spent a lot of time researching.  The team are impressed and we will be using it to deliver some of the messaging to the wider audience.  Thanks again for a great job 

Head of TechnologyGlobal Sports Media Company

“All in all an excellent piece of work and I have really enjoyed working with you on this”

Technology Solutions ManagerGlobal Brewer